Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coup de coeur: Tartan

Tartan Dress + Spike Necklace (Ebay) Picture source (Pinterest)
I was on tumblr a few days ago and half checking out blogs at the same time when I came across a lovely lady in tartan which was from the blog Something old, Something new (here is the exact post) For the next few days I was looking for tartan everything and finally focused on tartan dresses. The search lead me to pinterest an then ebay. I was looking for something cheap (so Vivienne Westwood was kind of out of the option right) I finally settled on this dress for a low 9 dollars. It came yesterday and it's lovely but being one for mini dresses, I'm going to hem it a little shorter and adjust the straps. I'm already thinking pairing it up with tights or over the knee socks in my head so I'll post a look when I get around to altering the dress (if I don't mess it up that is haha)
If you catch my tartan fever or simply want to admire more tartan looks go over to ScotWeb Tartans' Pinterest, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Les Mots

Les Mots

A little set I made for warmer weather! I'm seriously looking to get shoes like these, I really need to find the right pair though, I'll be on the hunt.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

If a feeling appears, if your mind should sway.

Top (Zara), Jeans (Urban Outfitters), Jacket (H&M), Loafers (Value Village), Gold Chain Necklace, Gold Cuff and Bucket Bag (Ebay) 

Just an outfit post of what I wore yesterday to see a friend in the market. It was actually quite warm out, mind you everyone was wearing shorts and flip flops but I predicted the weather was going to drop at night so I dressed accordingly. Honestly Ottawa isn't so bad on a sunny day but I'm still itching to leave! These loafers I got at value village a few years back and I've been wearing them ever since, speaking of which I need to do a VV haul soon ^__^

Ebay Finds #3

1.Romper , 2.Top, 3.Belt4.Gold Sweater, 5. Black Sweater, 6. Boots, 7. Skirt, 8. Shorts9. Shorts

Hello all, I've been idle for a few days while I got things sorted out. Mental Health is my priority at the moment! I definitely have to stay sharp. So these are a few things I have my eye on, as you can see I think leather is wearable during all seasons, no matter how ridiculous some people find it. The weather in Ottawa is really lovely although it's so strange that we go from hail to shorts wearing weather in no time. I don't even get to wear jackets or sweaters (during the day at least) anyhow I hope the weather is lovely wherever you guys are at, hopefully you enjoy what's left of the weekend :)