Monday, April 1, 2013

And I'm sleeping on the balcony after class

When you try to do that whole lips slightly apart thing and you just end up looking foolish ^

Jean Jacket (found in my house), Cropped sweater (Siren's), High Waisted BDG Jeans (Urban Outfitters), Doc Martens Drury boot from the Kensington Collection (Vixens and Angels).

FIRST OUTFIT POST. woo hoo, I've made it this far. I don't deserve a pat on the back but I'll celebrate anyways! It was so chilly in Ottawa today, I had to change and wear a coat last minute. I go to work at a call center almost every day so I'm usually pretty casual, but today I was a lazy bum. Crop tops/asymmetrical hemmed tops are my ultimate go to when I'm feeling uninspired. I buy a lot of magazines because I'm usually too distracted to read a book at work but magazines are perfect for making time go by quickly, Elle says backpacks are the new briefcases. Hell yeah, I could definitely roll with that!


  1. J'aime bcp ce look tes chaussures sont super belles j'en cherche des comme ├ža!

    1. Merci! Perso, ca m'a pris tellement de temps pour les trouver. Je recommande des Doc Martens (super durable et comfortable!)ou des Justin Ropers que tu peux trouver en ligne :)


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