Friday, April 5, 2013

But it's alright, It's okay, I got the time but the time don't pay.

Leather Jacket (Forever 21) Tank top (Zara) Studded Belt (Forever 21) Bucket Bag (ebay) Skirt (Mom's Old Skirt) Boots (Urban Outfitters) Studded Iphone Case (DIY)

So today I was going through an old stack of clothes that my mom was giving away while I was looking for my skull scarves (that are NOWHERE to be found. I'm still weeping) Somehow I found these old maxi knit skirts and they looked like they would fit so I tried them on and fell in love. I asked my mom about them and she said she was throwing them out because they were "outdated". I found some more stuff, as usual. Some of the stuff my mom throws/gives away is amazing. I always get so many inquiries on the clothes my mom passes down to me, they're usually one of a kind from old lines that are discontinued so I am forever grateful ^__^

I would have accessorized with one of my scarves but they're somehow missing, I feel like I left them in Montreal which is seriously stressing me out. but anyhow I took a few shots (I tried to smile) I had to goof off on the last one after being so serious.
Oh and I'll be posting a video soon to review all the items I received from Ebay and giving away a few items to anyone who would be interested! 

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  1. I love pulling out forgotten stuff and saving it from being thrown out, old doesn't mean it's not wearable. The way you put to together really matters, I think it looks great

  2. aw thanks! Agreed, I love unexpectedly incorporating something into my wardrobe that I thought would never be wearable.


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