Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rough Winds

Coat (Urban Outfitters) Cardigan (SheInside)  Riding Pants (American Apparel) Boots (Call It Spring) Bag (Ebay) Scarf (Ebay)
Really simple outfit post from Friday for my last exam. I wore these riding pants, because to me they feel like leggings but they're called pants and I get away with that when I wear a cardigan. 
It was actually hailing, the weather in Canada is great because when people say Spring is here, all you do is laugh, that doesn't actually mean anything here. I've been pretty boring lately, and I miss being able to actually take time to pick out clothes because i'm not super late for class or on my way to an exam! So happy it's over. This means less work, more trips to Montreal, looking for a store I want to apply in and more time to shop for cheap deals. I bet that sounds like the least exciting thing ever but I'm elated. I've had a pretty tough year and I feel like I can finally take a little breather.

I'm going to ask one of these cheesy open ended questions no one feels compelled to answer because they feel the person who asked does't actually care about the answer (but I do!) 
What are your goals/plans for the summer? I feel like i'm too old to make a list and stick to it, but that honestly helps me cope with so many things in life.


  1. Great outfit, it really complements your lovely figure and I love the spikey necklace!
    In answer to your question, no plans for summer, just working and maybe a week abroad in the sun later in the year (it must be at least 40 degrees!)


    1. Oh wow, thanks haha I sometimes feel like they make me look too thin for my liking!
      okay, so I'm not the only one who doesn't have a specific plan? awesome! it actually gets up to 40 degrees here during the summer, but I doubt it would be the ideal vacation spot haha. Have fun :)

  2. Love the outfit, I have serious accessory envy over your necklace!
    Urmm my plans for summer? Im really hoping to take on some fashion related projects up London:)

    Boy In Brogues

    1. Thank you, it was so cheap, it was like 5bucks on ebay if you're interested I posted in a link in an earlier post!
      Sounds good, I feel the same way about this summer. I just want to get more involved in fashion even if i'm not pursuing it as a career. good luck with everything :)


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